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Plant Listings

Nursery Report Publication Rates

$2.50 per listing minimum order is $35.00  (14 items)

$2.50/listing when customer enters data on
$3.50/listing when customer emails or faxed list to office and NR staff handles the data entry

Quantity Discounts:

0- 40 Listings             = Listing rate above, as long as it meets the $35 minimum order

41- 100 Listings         = $100.00
101- 200 Listings       = $125.00
201- 350 Listings       = $175.00
351+ Listings            = Use rate schedule above or contact office for more information

For example: 450 Listings =$275.00    $175.00 (350 listings) + $100.00 (100 more listings) =  $275

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Size/Description limited to 52 characters maximum, including spaces. 

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